10 Countries to Visit to Find Your Next Summer Fling

10 Countries to Visit to Find Your Next Summer Fling

It’s true; beauty does come in many forms, but some women just want to find a partner that has chiselled cheekbones, groomed facial hair, masculine postures, incredible fashion sense, and an overall pleasant demeanour.

If you are looking for an eye candy on your next holiday, a beautiful man for a holiday romance or perhaps a lifelong love with a handsome man, here are the top 10 countries with the hottest hunks, hopefully you plan your next vacations accordingly!

1. Italy

2017 handsome italy

These stylish guys have the charm and wits to disarm any women. Imagine strolling around Milan, Europe’s fashion capital, and locking eyes with these Casanovas. Italian men are expressive, playful, charming, sensitive, and confident beings. When you find yourself an Italian man, they will treat you like a Queen.

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2. Argentina

2017 handsome argentina

You will find some of the sexiest men in the world in Argentina. These men are Latin mixed with Euro blood. Argentinian men exude confidence and yet they are very casual about it. Sexy and charming at the same time and they don’t overplay it.

3. Spain

2017 handsome spain
The men from this warm country are friendly and open with women. They tend to be tanned with dark hair and bright eyes. Spanish men are crazy about sports and yet they can always dance their way into your heart, literally! It’s not hard to find a Spanish man who can dance and still be interested in chasing football and bulls.

4. Germany

2017 handsome german

At first glance, German men can look quite intimidating. Their stoic perfection and brawny shoulders can put off any women. But German men are highly educated and isn’t knowledge the new way of being sexy? German men are usually fit because of their love for outdoor adventures and they have decent manner with a great attitude.

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5. Morocco

2017 handsome morroco

The Middle East is filled with so much eye candy. If it’s not their olive-coloured eyes and tanned skin that you’re attracted to, then it’ll probably be their inviting spirits and hospitable hearts. Moroccan men have a gaze of gold, as their piercing dark eyes and thick eyelashes can put you in a trance.

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6. Serbia

2017 handsome serbia

If you’re looking for a tall man, who has caramel-tone, light brown eyes, dark hair, and a great fashion sense, Serbia is the country for you. Even the Serbian women are equally stunning. Visit Serbia and let the Slavic language woo you.

7. Sweden

2017 handsome sweden
Swedes are globally known as being models that just came straight out of the photo-shoot. They carry themselves with such humbleness that it plays to their advantage. They’re most fun to hang out with and you can bet they’ll be at any and every type of music festival around the world.

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8. France

2017 handsome france
Who can resist a good looking man with a French accent? Every girl dreams of having someone say “Je t’aime” to them. As they say, French is the language of love. If you want a guy to woo you with words, while you’re strolling through a French castle, these are the guys for you.

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9. Greece

2017 handsome greece
Blame Greek mythology for creating characters like Zeus and Hercules, with sculpted bodies and chiselled frames. But the most attractive thing about Greek men is their dark features and thick, luscious hair.

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10. Cuba

2017 handsome cuba

If you fancy a red hot Latin lover, check out the sultry good looks of the men from Cuba. Lock gazes with eyes mixed of hazel and grey colour and a tanned dark skin. Whether they’re swooning you on the dance floor with their moves or chatting it up on the block, they know how to charm their way to your hearts.

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